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Golf Target Audience

Target Audience

Golf clubs can maximise engagement with their existing audience and reach new and diverse audiences by creating engaging content on that appeals to both groups.


This content can be shared across social media, the club's website and on other channels to help maximise reach and engagement.

Using insight data and analytics we can understand what content is resonating with your audience and delivering on the key objectives 

New Golf Club Members

New Members

We can use your existing collection of members to create an "Ideal Customer Profile" from which we can target similar people based on interests, location, activity and other data points

Geofence Targeted

Geo-Fenced Targeting

Make sure you are hitting your local audience and target those within a set distance of your club making the appeal of joining that much better.

Diverse Demographics


Do you want to diversify your existing membership and make sure that your club is inclusive.  Focus on new communities and demographics using our targeted advertising services.

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